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Clifford & District Lions Club

From the Desk of 'Ivyhoe' & Recent Events




Hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend with family/friends. It was really nice seeing the sun and temps in the low 20's c. after a rough winter. So nice to see the Spring flowers blooming in our gardens.

In an April newsletter, there is a thank you from the Bowl for Kids Committee of Big Brothers/Sisters of North Wellington. We raised $55,000! Special thanks to Roger & Ivan Lawrence of the Mount Forest Bowling Lanes - the "Gracious" hosts and to all the Lions Clubs who participated.

MAYOR'S SPRING BREAKFAST: Sponsored by the Clifford Revitalization Committee, presents the breakfast on Friday May 2nd, 2014, 7:30--9:00 AM @ Greenley's Restaurant (Breakfast included) Please RSVP by April 25, 2014 to Belinda at (519) 338-2511 or

TORONTO CONVENTION: July 4-8th for the convention is fast approaching and I hope many of our Lions are planning on attending. Many "stars" will be present, including Olivia Newton-John who besides singing some of her hits, will be the Keynote speaker on July 8th. Also Dr. Oz, the well known health & wellness doctor, also a Lion (which I didn't know), will also be a part of the program, along with David Foster, Neil Sedaka and many other celebrities.

For more on the convention, watch the short video @

A TIP FOR THE MAPLE LEAFS: With the new president Brendan Shanahan to change "culture" of the Toronto Maple Leafs, here's an easy fix for the Leafs------hire players who would rather play hockey than golf! The only exception right now is Phil Kessel who is a fisherman and is fishing in Florida (his home) at the present time.

See You in May… Ivyho

Happy birhtday...... Mrs. Ivyhoe .......



      Hope everyone enjoyed St. Paddy's. Our family celebrates the day being of Irish descent plus it’s Sheila' BD. Yep, she was born on St. Pat's Day !!

     It's so nice to see the sun shine longer each day… if only it would warm up a bit!!

      Our Lion’s Club & the Rotary Club have decided to end our annual event; "Breakfast with Santa" and move on to the next "stage". Since the inception of this event in 1999, we have donated proceeds of $72,551.58 to the Kid's Wish Foundation.

      We will likely donate the next event we agree on to the Clifford Food Bank/Meals on Wheels.

     Lions, I hope all of you read the articles in our LION magazine. There is so much info in each issue. In the Jan/Feb. edition, read about the eradication of onchocerciasis (river blindness) in Cameroon.

      Thanks to the LCIF partnership with the Carter Centre... After Jimmy Carter ended his USA presidency, he formed this Centre.

      Millions have been protected from infection with Trachoma & River Blindness.

It's better to walk alone than with a crowd going in the wrong direction.

     May your mornings bring joy and your evenings bring peace, May your troubles grow less as your blessings increase!!

REMINDER: April 4,5,6 2014: final Cabinet meeting @ the A-9 Convention in Kincardine.

      As of the end of 2013 LCI had 1,347,403 members in 46,238 clubs in 208 countries…

                                          See You in April



     Feb 6th Meeting Hi-Lites 

Approved 2 Standard donations 1) Big Brothes Bowling 2) LFC Dog Guides, for an In Memorial for Wilf Manning.
Voted to abolish the Breakfast with Santa event.
Treasurers report :  GIC  $5.000  Admin  $528  Activities  $1,498
Fund Raising;  Chicken Bar B Q (1/2 chicken dinner) Caterer from Guelph obtains chicken and does all the cooking, spuds come already wrapped, members do salad, rolls & dessert.
Lion Lois to get details/info from Arthur Lions (they do this x2 a yr......make good money.) Lion Fay to look into something similar only with Pork Chops. 

Lion Ivan to inquire re Stanley cup playoff tickets. Proceeds to Clifford food Bank/Community Betterment.

Membership drive discussed 

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Red Rose, Growing


     Wow, old man winter just doesn't let up. Looks like "Willie's" prediction of 6 more weeks of winter is true. Darn Rodent !!

      We missed sponsoring our annual big fundraiser in December, Breakfast with Santa. From 1999 to 2012 the proceeds from this event were $72,551.58, all going to the Ontario Children’s Wish Foundation. Our top year was 2004, when we realized $9,390 to the Assoc..

     This past December Jim Dennie, owner of the Redwood Restaurant, elected the proceeds to go to the Shrine Kids Hospitals in the USA and Canada. They realized $2,800. Local members of the Pal Mocha Shrine Clubs were involved in the Breakfast with Santa.

      Our Clifford Lions Membership Display board is now complete. President Fay and I displayed the board at our Zone 7 Advisory meeting held in Mildmay. Z.C. Elaine requested me to explain each project on our board to all the Zone 7 Clubs in attendance.

In this issue I've included a pic and write up of our Annual "Bowling for Kid's Sake", sponsored by the Big Brothers & Sisters Assoc. on Sunday Feb. 9th. Up to the end of Sunday, $14,021 so far has been collected by 40 teams with 191 Bowlers participating. Thanks to all who participated.

     Our sympathy goes out to Lion Allan and his family on the passing of Lion Allan's father "Wilf". In lieu of flowers we elected to make a donation to LFC "Dog Guides" in memory of Mr. Manning.

     Congrats go out to Lion Vaughn Braby, a former member of this club, on receiving a Melvin Jones Award. He is a member of the Kitchener Lions Club and also was a next door neighbour of Sheila and I.

      Hope all the Lions are enjoying the Olympics. We're doing OK. But where are all the big "Gun's" on our Team Canada Men's Hockey team ? (Like Crosby, Toews and other NHL great scorers.) Our best player so far is a defence man, Drew Doughty, who's scored 4 goals in 3 games. Not dressing last year’s scoring champion Martin St.Louis and last year’s Noris Trophy winner P.K. Subban, who's game is all about offence, just doesn't seem right.

     Oh, this is a Lions Newsletter........better close. See you in March. Once again…Happy 35th Anniversary to our Great Service Club of Clifford & District!

Lion Ivan

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Lions'President: Fay,Teasurer:Dave McBeth,
Sheila Campbell, Zak Leith, & Ruanna& Brooklyn

               Bowling for Big Brothers & Sisters

     The Annual Bowling for "Kids Sake", sponsored by the Big Brothers & Sisters was held at the Mount Forest Bowling Lanes on Sunday, February 9/14. The Clifford Lions bowled @ 1 pm.

      Bowlers were: Lion Fay Binkley, Lion Dave McBeth, Sheila Campbell, Zak Leith (Ivan & Sheila's grandson) Ruanna and Brooklyn (Lois & Garry's granddaughters). Also present were Lions Ivan Campbell & Lois Zettler (Spares). $215 was donated from proceeds collected from sponsors.

     Door prize winners were Sheila Campbell, winning a $20 Gift Certificate from Redwood Restaurant, Fay Binkley, winning a Pandora Bracelet from Gray's Auction and Dave McBeth, winning a pair of "Crocks" from Norsco Sports of Palmerston.

     Lion Dave was awarded an Olympic ribbon for the 2nd highest of all the groups for sponsor monies collected.

     Everyone had fun and enjoyed the event,including the 3 youths who helped us out for the first time bowling for this great cause. Thanks go out to all the Sponsors who donated funds and Door prizes.

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From the Desk of Ivyho                        January Bulletin

I hope every one is back to normal after our December Ice storm and then the snow storm that shut a lot of schools, roads and cancellations of many activities. Our computer has “crashed” that I usually do the editorial on so this month it will be a brief one, and instead enter some hi-lites of our January meetings.

  • Hi-lites: $25 donated to the A-9 “Dimes for Diabetes” program.
  • Purchased 5 tickets @ $10 ea for a total of $50 as our donation to Camp Kirk.
  • Pledge sheets were handed out for the Big Brothers “Bowl for Kids Sakes” being held at the Mount Forest Bowling Lanes on Feb. 9th @ 1 pm.
  • A card of Thanks was received from the Harriston Legion for our $40 donation.
  • Funds for Gr. 7 & 8 students to go on a school trip to Quebec. Due to the huge increase in the chocolate Easter bunnies, we will not be involved in this fund Raiser.
  • 1st Vice Gov’ Lion Hank Van Moorsel made his official visit on January 16th. Everyone enjoyed a roast beef dinner. Lion Hank showed a 9min video of our Int. Pres. Barry Palmer’s life and all the projects he enjoys. Lion V.P. Hank presented President Fay Binkley & Ho Park (not present) with the 15 yr. chevron and PDG Ivan Campbell to a 35 year chevron. Lion Hank congratulated the Clifford Lions Club on their 35th anniversary, which is on January 17th (Our club chartered on Jan. 17th 1979) Guests were Lion Ron Manto and Sheila Campbell.

                                                  See you in February

                                                                              Lion Ivan

VPG Van Moorsel presents Chevrons to Clifford
Lion Fay [15 years] & PDG Ivan Campbell [35 years] Jan. 16,2014

 VDG celebrates 35 years of Clifford Lions Club & Present Awards
         On January 16th District A-9 Vice District Governor, Hank Van Moorsel; made his official visitation to the Clifford & District Lions Club. A roast beef dinner was enjoyed by all. Visitors were Lion Ron Manto (charter member of the Clifford club) and Sheila Campbell. Lion Hank was introduced by Lion Ron.
     Vice Gov. congratulated the club on their 35th Anniversary which is on January 16 7th. (Chartered on January 17 1979)
Lion Hank showed a 9 minute video on our International President from Australia Barry J. Palmer's life, including from the time he joined Lions and why he joined.
     His theme is "Follow Your Dream.
     Lion Hank Van Moorsel, spoke on Dog Guides, Youth Exchange, membership and other District A-9 programs. He asked each Lion in turn why they joined Lions and a few of the favorite activities were enjoyed by all.
        Lion Hank was thanked for his very informative presentation by Clifford President Lion Fay who presented him with a cheese basket. Lion Ivan presented him with our Friendship banner and Club pin.
     VPG Lion Hank presented Lion Fay Binkley and Lion Ho Park with a 15 year chevron. He then presented  Lion Ivan with a 35 year chevron from Lions International
     VPG also gave Lion Ivan "SI-COLOGY," a book by Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty, which brought a chuckle or two from the other Lions........A couple e-mails that lion Hank had received from Ivan had "Happy, Happy, Happy" in them, that being the reason for the "gift" book.
     One statistic Lion Hank added, was that when 10 people are asked to join a Lions Club, one will accept !! 

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    Is everyone almost ready for the Big Guy in Red? It’s Ho Ho time of the year when we all look forward to being with our families for the Christmas Holidays.
     Our annual Lion’s Christmas dinner was held at Greenley’s Restaurant. An excellent turkey buffet with all the trimmings was greatly enjoyed by all. The restaurant was decorated superbly for Christmas. Everyone enjoyed a before dinner “Tea” @ Lion Ivan & Sheila’s before venturing over for dinner.
     The only “down side” of this year’s Christmas was not hosting our annual “Breakfast with Santa”. This has always been the largest fundraiser for both our Lion’s Club and Clifford’s Rotary Club each year. I’m sure the “Children’s Wish Foundation” will greatly miss the proceeds from this event. Rumour has it that we “might” be back on board in 2014 ???
     Let’s not forget to purchase a ticket for the Toronto Maple Leafs Getaway weekend for the Leafs vs. Red Wings game Sat. March 29th/14 @ the ACC. Tickets are $10 each.
Also coming up on Feb 9th is the annual Big Brothers, Big Sisters “Bowl for Kid’s Sake” Our grandson Zak is more than eager to bowl with us this year to help the cause.
    What a great celebration held for Nelson Mandela’s life in South Africa. The pouring rain kept away a few, but still thousands attended. One African said of the rain: “The heavens are crying”. Mandela led South Africa away from Apartheid as the 1st black African President. U.S.
President Obama, who was very personally inspired by the life of Mr. Mandela, had some “strong” messages for world leaders and challenged them to ensure “that they advanced the ideals that Mr. Mandela lived by”. Lions, I believe all of us could contribute more to our community and the world, if we lived by his ideals.
     For some of our members who have been unable to attend meetings since September, I have enclosed in this Bulletin a brief summary of some of our activities/projects. I hope it will help bring you up to date with the happenings in our club.
January 16th/14 we look forward to the official visit of our 1st VG Hank Van Morssel and his presentation. Lion Ron Manto who was once a member of our club, will be coming with Lion Hank.
     From Sheila and I, wishing all the Lions and their families a very Merry Christmas and the very best for 2014…

See you in January!!! Lion Ivan * Bulletin Editor


Clifford & District Lions Club……….Some Brief Hilites/Activities since  September 2013

 Selling LFC/Dog Guide Tickets for a Leafs weekend
 $2,000 donated to the Clifford Recreation Assoc., with funds going to the new Clifford Sports
 Hosted Z.C. Elaine Chalmers of our Zone 7 @ our regular meeting
 Club working on our Membership Display Board as requested by our ZC
 Donated over 500 pr. of used eyeglasses for developing countries
 Equipment Cupboard of medical aids currently being upgraded
 Adopt-A-Road Program completed for 2013
 Oct. 26th held our annual Kids’ Pumpkin Carving Contest @ the Clifford Fire Hall
 Sold tickets for the “Wes for Youth” online website (with over 20 youth using it so far) and
donated $124 to the cause
 Donated funds for two Clifford handicapped youth to help defray the cost of their registration
for the Clifford Skating Club
 Donated funds to the Streiker Mennonite family of 10 who were involved in a serious buggy/car
crash for medical aid
 Lion Ivan & Sheila attended PDG Charles Liddle’s Roast in Ripley
 Lions Ivan, Fay, Dave, Garry & Lois attended the “Community Event Showcase” @ the Clifford
Hall where they presented $2,000 to the Clifford Rec. Assoc.
 The same 5 Lions as above attended the “Volunteer Appreciation” dinner held at the Clifford
Community Hall
 Lions Fay, Ivan and Dave attended the 1st Zone 7 Advisory meeting held in Wingham

Other Donations/Activities:
 Cancer Society
 Heart & Stroke Society
 Diabetes Society
 Camp Dorset & Camp Kirk
 LFC/Dog Guides
 Memorial wreath for our Remembrance Day Service
 Held our annual Christmas dinner @ Greenley’s Restaurant on December 5th.

     Our annual largest fundraiser “Breakfast with Santa” will NOT be co-hosted by the Lions and Rotary Clubs, as Jim the manager of Redwood Restaurant has elected to have the Shriners put on this year’s event.
     Our main fundraiser has realized nearly $500 since September of this year from the proceeds of scrap aluminum.

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                                FROM THE DESK OF IVYHO…

LIONS: Loving Individuals Offering Needed Service. I think this is an excellent version of the word LIONS.

With our 4 cedars wrapped in burlap (thanks to Sheila), our Annual Kids Pumpkin Carving contest and Remembrance Day wreath laid, it feels we are fast approaching winter and the Holiday season. Our participants for the pumpkin carving contest were down this year, but the snow blizzard on Sat. morning did not help. Thanks go out to Bonnie Beirnes who braved the weather to drive from Gowanstown to be this year’s judge.

Bonnie is our Clifford Postmaster. (Pic’s and writeup in this issue). Also thanks to Bonnie Whitehead for her coverage of the event in 3 of the local newspapers.

Hope to see you all at our December 5th Lions Christmas dinner @ Greenley’s. Country style meal will be served.


     At the time of printing, our Breakfast with Santa, sponsored for years by both Clifford Lions and Rotary Club, has been changed by Redwood’s owner Jim. He has elected to have the Shriners run this event. This decision, without our clubs being consulted, has made many in the community very upset. Through Facebook and e-mails I’ve received, many state they will never “darken” his door again. It’s a shame this great event will not be able to make a donation to the Children’s Wish Foundation this year. Hopefully, a solution will be found, not likely for this year at this late date, but perhaps by next year.

Thought of The Month: “Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.” JF Kennedy

Daughter Melanie made this dressing for our Thanksgiving dinner and since it was so yummy, thought I’d share it with you for the upcoming holidays…enjoy!!


1 cup butter ˝ tsp sage

2 cups chopped onion 1 tsp salt

2 ˝ loaves bread crumbs (seems like 10 oz can of chicken broth a lot but it isn’t)

1 can water

1 tsp. poultry seasoning 2 eggs beaten well

1 tsp pepper

Saute onions in butter until onions get soft. Then pour over bread crumbs in slow cooker. Add seasonings, chicken broth, water, eggs and cook on high for 45 mins. Stir and cook on low for 3-4 hours. Keep stirring as it is quite moist. Enjoy, it’s “yummy”.

                   Should feed about 10-12 people.

See You In December……………………..Lion Ivan

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Lions Pumpkin Contest
Clifford Fire Hall

                             Pumpkin Carving Contest
     The frost was on the pumpkins this Saturday, October 26th at the Clifford Firehall, which may have been the explanation for a lower turnout. But thanks to Chayse Leith, Hunter Leith, Zak Leith, Ella Wiltshire, Shondra Wood and Michaela Casemore, the Clifford and District Lions Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest carried on at 10:00 a.m.
     Judge Bonnie Beirnes was kind enough to drive all the way in from Gowanstown to perform the judging duties which resulted in Ella taking the first prize with Zak and Michaela receiving the 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively. Everyone else received a toonie for a great job.
    Thanks to Larry Newton of the Clifford Fire Fighters for opening up the fire hall and handing out Clifford Firefighter Frisbees to all the kids.
    Lions Garry Zettler, Ivan Campbell, and Dave McBeth hosted the event.

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!        OCTOBER IS Breast Cancer Awareness Month

                       From the Desk of Ivyho…

     It’s hard to believe we’re already into October and the 2nd month of our Lions Year. Hope everyone had a great summer. Sheila and I are only going to Port Elgin on weekends now and will likely close up the trailer after Thanksgiving weekend. Pumpkinfest was this past weekend with over 50,000 attending, viewing the 100’s of classic/antique cars, exhibits, Pumpkin Village, etc.

     The largest pumpkin (1,545 lbs) and squash (1,223 lbs) were won by June & Phil Hunt of Cameron, Ont. Prizes were $5,000 and $2,000 respectively. The largest cabbage was 86 lbs. (A LOT of cabbage rolls!!)

In this issue I’d like to bring “everyone” a wee bit up to date on some of the highlights of our meetings and latest donations/activities.

  •  $2,000 donated to the Clifford Recreation Association., funds going to the new Clifford Sports Field. (Lions Dave ,Fay, Ivan, Lois and Garry attending the “Community Event Showcase” on September 17th for our donation.

*Over 100 pr. of eyeglasses have been collected for 3rd world needy countries.

*We sold 50 tickets for LFC Maple Leafs weekend.

*Ticket sales amounting to $125 was raised and donated to the ‘Wes for Youth Online“ project, a website for any young person struggling with mental illness, bullying issues, contemplating suicide, etc. Attending the “Golf Drop” steak dinner outside in the Lions Pavilion in Mildmay, Lion Ivan & Sheila represented our club at the awards/prizes ceremony.

It was announced that 20 Youth were already using the website, sadly indicating a clear need for this online service.

*Oct 17th is VG Hank Van Morsell’s official visit.

*Oct. 19th is PDG Charles Liddle’s roast to be held in Ripley.

*Discussions are ongoing re: a new Lions meeting place for our club.

*$50 was donated to the Mennonite Strieker family to help them with medical costs not covered by OHIP.

*Other past donations include:$50 Cancer Society, $50 Heart & Stroke, $84 LFC Blue Jay tickets, $50 to LFC Walk a Dog a Thon, Aluminum/scrap sales received $249,( Pic in this issue), and lastly $50 to 2 Unsworth children to help pay for their registration for the Clifford Skating Club.

Remember: Thanksgiving is a time for Caring & Sharing

See You In November!

Lion Ivan

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Support for ball park project on display at community showcase

CLIFFORD - There was a tremendous show of support for the Community Event Showcase hosted by the Clifford Recreation Association (CRA) recently at the Community Hall here.

A good turnout of local residents attended to see what clubs, groups and organizations exist within the community and beyond.

There was a chance to ask about Big Sisters Big Brothers, the Merry Makers, Seniors Centre for Excellence, food bank, horticultural society, historical society, trails committee, geocaching, and the Town of Minto. All three churches - Knox United, St. John’s Lutheran and the Community Church - had displays.

The event also provided an opportunity to sign up for curling, hockey, broomball, figure skating, dance, nursery school, or women’s hockey.

Many of the cornerstone sponsors - Larry Grummett Insurance, Weber Contracting, W.C. Smith Wholesale, RBC Royal Bank of Clifford, Wightman Telecom, Redwood Restaurant and the Clifford Rotary Club - set up displays as well. The Clifford Rotary Club could be seen in action through a video presentation.

The CRA offered a free dinner at the showcase. CRA president Randy Ruetz praised the groups who joined forces to raise money for the ball diamond project.

They decided to sponsor a walking trail, dugouts, outfield fencing, and lights for the ball park with a price tag of $72,000. They wanted to ensure the best for the residents, to ensure quality and committment and that the Clifford Lions, who committed time, talent and resources to the former diamond, will ensure their custom-built fountain and food booth will have a home at the new diamond.

Ruetz offered appreciation to the cornerstone sponsors, whose financial support provided grants to boost the useage of the arena and sporting facilities.

He expressed appreciation to the CRA board and all the volunteers who apply for grants and work off their donations by scheduling a shift or two at the arena food booth.

Ruetz was especially appreciative of the big and bold cheque presentations that were sported totals of $500 to $20,000 - totalling $48,630.

Brad Richardson, representing the former Clifford Recreation Committee and the new CRA, presented two cheques; Lorne Underwood - Clifford Curling Club; Dan Ellis - Clifford Volunteer Firefighters; Fay Binkley - Clifford Lions Club; Reg Grice - Grein’s Fastball Club; and Phil Baumgarten - Clifford Rotary Club.

Along with Ruetz, the CRA board includes Karen Dowler, Cindy Reading, Lorne Underwood, Brad Richardson, Bill Raynard, Perry Webber, Kayle Hummell, Al Carr, Hope Robertson, and past president Paul Wightman.


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PDG Ivan Campbell Receives Award . When the Pike Lake Minto Lions Club was formed, they were fortunate to have PDG Ivan Campbell as their Guiding Lion from the sponsoring Clifford Lions Club.

      PDG Ivan is a Certified Guiding Lion and by attending all the club’s meetings and filing reports as to their success for a two year period, he was awarded with a Pres-idential Certified Guiding Lion Award by IPDG Charles Liddle on July 7. Congratulations Lion Ivan.

                 Donations  for 2012/2013 year

04Oct 119 Saugeen Valley Children's Safety Village for ZC $25.00

27Oct 120 Pumpkin prizes $68.00

02Nov 121 Clifford Skating Club $50.00

15Nov 122 Clifford Firefighters $100.00

15Nov 124 Spencer McGaughey (Fotocan) $50.00

15Nov 125 Clifford Food Bank $50.00

21Dec 126 Lucky Lodge Lottery ticket sales $181.00

17Jan 128 Kirk Foundation $50.00

11Feb 129 Big Brothers $20.00

01Feb Big Brother Sponsors ( outside donations) $145.00

18Apr 130 Canadian CancerSociety Sheila Campbell $50.00

16May 131 Heart & Stroke (Lois Big Bike) $50.00

16May 132 Lions Foundation of Canada (Dave Dogguides) $50.00

24May Purina walk Dogguide outside donations (Dave) $130.00

07Jun Dogguide Bluejay weekend ticket sales $42.00

                     Total donations for 2012/2013 year $1,061.00

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Hard to believe we’re coming near the end of another Lion’s year. Where does the time go ? It has been a very good year for us and although we are a small club , we have made many donations to charitable causes, but we must continue to bring in new members, so we can do larger fundraisers.      

     When was the last time you asked someone to become a Lion member ??

     We’re sorry to hear that President Fay’s fiancé’ Joe is hospitalized at St Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. We all wish him a speedy recovery. Lion Fay wanted us to go ahead with our year end BBQ and meeting as she does not know when she could be with us, as she is spending most of her time at the hospital with Joe.

     We hope to see you all out to our BBQ on Thursday June 20th @ Lion Ivan & Sheila’s.

I feel at this time a few thanks should go out to some of our members and friends. Lion Dave for collecting $180 for the LFC Dog Walk, Lion Lois for $42 in ticket sales for the Dog Guide Blue Jay Weekend, Sheila Campbell for all her work cleaning up, etc. at our Lions Friendship Arch and Sheila Hill for all her time and effort keeping our Clifford & District Website updated, Lions Garry & Dave for getting our aluminum products to the depot for funds for our Fundraiser

     We are pleased to be involved with the Mildmay Lions Club in selling tickets for the 1st Great Golf Ball Drop to be held Monday, August 5th, 2013 @ 4 PM in the Ball Diamond at the Mildmay Homecoming..

Closest to the Pin Prizes are: 1st $1,000, 2nd. $500., 3rd. $250. Proceeds for in partnership with : Canadian Mental Health. Any youth contemplating suicide will be able to access this website for help.

     Al Carr from the Town of Minto contacted me re: where we would like our Lions Club Water Fountain relocated. We have spoke of several options, so I would like further opinions from the Club members. Al wondered if we would consider it to be located at the entrance to the new Park, where the washrooms will be built. We need to locate it by a water source !! .Next Rec meeting is on July 4th @ Greenley’s.

Everyone have a great and safe summer…………….we’ll see you in September!

Lion Ivan

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