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Clifford & District Lions Club

Clifford Citizens of the Year Awards



Clifford Lions Honours Clifford Citizen of the Year .......Brad Richardson

     Members of the Clifford Lions honoured Clifford Citizen of the Year, Brad Richardson at their year end barbecue held June 21st at the home of Lion Ivan & Sheila Campbell in Clifford.

     The expression on Brad’s face was priceless as his name was announced as Clifford, Citizen of the year.

     Brad has been very active over the years serving on Clifford Council, as an umpires ladies and mens baseball game along as its president. He also runs the men’s slow-pitch league in Clifford. Brad been active in decorating of the Rotary Park at Christmas time arranging the decorations. Richardson sat on Clifford Minor Hockey for more than 20 years, Clifford Recreation for 15 years and is on the PRAC Park & Recreation Advisory Committee. Brad and his wife Debbie are always willing to led a hand in any event or fund raiser in Clifford.

     Brad is a member of the Mason, having now reached the Shriner level.

     Lion Ivan presented Brad with a plaque and noted his name will appear on the plaque which is on display at the Clifford Post office. On behalf of the Town of Minto, Councillor Ron Elliot praised Brad for his many years of volunteering and presented him with a pin and certificate.

     Clifford Lions’ President , Lois Zettler presented Debbie Richardson with a bouquet of flowers.

Congratulations to Brad Richardson in being named, Clifford newest, Citizen of the year.


Brad Richardson receives Lions' Citizen of the Year Award from PDG & Clifford Lion, Ivan Campbell on June 21,2012

Ron Elliott, Brad Richardson & Debbie Richardson
Clifford Citizen of the Year Award

Ron Elliott [councillor]  on behalf of the Town of Minto presented Brad Richardson with a certificate and pin in  honour of being chosen the Lions' Clifford Citizen of the Year Award.  Debbie Richardson , Brad's wife is also very supportive of events in Clifford & area too.
Photos by Bonnie Whitehead.

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